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Wheely 8


About Wheely 8


Wheely 8 is an exciting game when you and your lover are having fun when suddenly a UFO has fallen, and the aliens are waiting for your help.

While seeing foxes and other wildlife on a beautiful picnic is typical, everyday things have no place in Wheely 8, the eighth chapter of the renowned puzzle game series. Is it a shooting star we're seeing? During the day? No! That's an unidentified flying object! What good fortune! It landed just next to where Wheely and Jolie had planned to picnic. But don't be alarmed. These extraterrestrials are kind, but they require assistance in repairing their spacecraft. Wheely has offered to assist them, and he has confidence in your ability to manage the matter. Help the aliens convince them that Earth is friendly to avert a future invasion by turning this picnic into an unforgettable experience!

Wheely's renown has spread beyond the stars, and aliens are seeking his assistance in repairing their starship. Help Wheely go around the city, the forest, and other locations in the eighth adventure of your beloved red automobile to collect the necessary equipment to fix the aliens' spaceship. Wheely knows exactly who to call for this job: the proprietor of the neighborhood auto repair company. Your role as the player is to assist Wheely in completing each level while he tries to acquire the necessary pieces. In each group, you must solve puzzles and eliminate numerous obstacles to assist Wheely in reaching the exit, much like in the other games in this puzzle-adventure game series. The level's finish is designated by a red flag. Getting there without becoming imprisoned or killed is your primary goal for bonus points, attempt to uncover two hidden things in each level: a wheel and a toy vehicle. The controls aren't as sophisticated as the most cutting-edge extraterrestrial technology. To activate and move the puzzles and other systems throughout the levels, all you have to do is click on them.

Features in Wheely 8:

  • There are 12 levels in all.
  • Puzzles that are fun to solve
  • Graphics in vibrant colors
  • Enjoyable gameplay

How to play Wheely 8:

To get to the finish line of each level, use the left mouse button to interact with elements like buttons and levers.

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