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Snow Drift


About Snow Drift


Snow Drift is a fun game. While avoiding opponents, the player controls a Yeti moving through ice and snow platforms to an igloo.

Every new driver strives to obey all traffic laws and keep their vehicle safe, but as their skills and knowledge grow with their level of professionalism, they determine that they can afford to pay more and don't mind speeding, slamming brakes, or taking abrupt corners.

There are many levels for you to participate in, with each level you need to go through different challenges

Level 1: Ice, snow, and ice blocks are the three surfaces where players practice sliding and navigating. In addition, the player runs across the penguins, they can start the game to get points. There is no enemy.

Level 2: The first enemy in the game, the emperor penguin, is encountered after the player passes a few levels of movement. Players experience the melting platform for the first time and learn to kill enemies by sliding on them.

Level 3: The main objective of this level is to slide for the longest period of time. We introduce swirling blocks and swinging platforms.

Level 4: The player must navigate the shaking platforms before facing the polar fox. Gai also passed.

Level 5: The player must confront the polar bear for the first time and everything from the previous levels is present. Fish is another food that you can consume to stay healthy.

Level 6: The player has to navigate various platforms and go up, down, up, then back down

And there are many more levels for you to conquer


  • Use WASD keys to drive
  • Use arrow keys to move, jump, slide

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