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Free Gear


About Free Gear


Free Gear is a world-class car race when competitors are eager to win the championship trophy. It's time to let your bravery rise and become a champion

Allow the screaming engines and the shouting audience to put you in a racing mood since the competitive game Free Gear has arrived! Are you ready to put the pedal to the metal and get behind the wheel of your sports car? Visit several courses in this game and attempt to defeat your opponents and win to earn the title of the most prominent driver! Put your sunglasses on, adjust your seat, and prepare to race around incredible tracks.

Free Gear will gratify any automotive fan with its classic looks and thrilling gameplay with its automobiles and several racing possibilities! You may choose between two distinct race modes in this game! Play a spartan race to warm up, or collect your confidence and let your ambition run wild as you start the engine to compete in the problematic tournaments! The game's goal for you as a player is to enter the world's most significant independent racing event! Your primary goal is to finish at least third in each of the game's five tournaments. If you qualified for the previous competition, you could only enter the following. Winning not only allows you to enter the next tournament but also grants you credits that you can use to purchase improvements like handling, acceleration, nitro, and peak speed. Your car's color may also be changed! To get credits, you must place first, second, or third. Each tournament features four races, and you may customize the settings for each race separately. The weather, visibility, and several laps may all be altered.

Features in Free Gear:

  • Option for a quick race
  • A difficult tournament
  • Various races will be held.
  • Improve the stats of your vehicle.

How to play Free Gear:

  • Drive with the arrow keys.
  • Gear Up/Down is controlled by the Z and X keys.
  • Nitrogen is represented by the letter C.

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