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Slope 3


About Slope 3


Slope 3 is a dramatic dribbling game that you definitely cannot ignore. Let's try once to make a name in the summary list of this most popular game

Your objective is to manage a ball as it slides down the slopes while avoiding obstacles and keeping your eyes on the path. If you could get the ball to go as far as possible without interacting with any solid things or falling into deep space, it would be perfect. The longer you run in the race, the quicker the ball travels down the track. The ball moves slowly at first, then accelerates as fast as you can. Your score will increase by one point for each successful jump. Because the course is limitless and there are no levels or stages, try to keep the ball under your control for as long as possible. Raise your score to become the most admired player on the scoreboard. However, be careful and keep an eye on the ball as well as the seemingly endless racetrack. There are various ridiculous moving obstacles, deadly pits, barriers, and difficult things on the slopes. In addition, the ball may respond in real-time to any little change. As a consequence, you should not hold your hands on the keyboard keys for an extended period of time, otherwise, the ball may fall into the water.

Features of Slope 3:

  • 3D neon designs are eye-catching.
  • Slopes that change quickly
  • A plethora of bizarre and difficult challenges await you, like shifting obstructions, perilous tunnels, and deadly walls.
  • The top player is listed on the leaderboard.
  • There is a full-screen option.

How to play Slope 3:

  • A/Left arrow = Move left
  • D/Right arrow = Move right

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