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Description is an extremely attractive racing game where you can create your own different racing tracks and challenge other players.


The racing mode is the game's main mode. You may race on public courses that have been developed by other people. On the leaderboard, you can see who has the greatest score on that course. There are also validated songs, which are high-quality music that the developers have personally verified. Don't worry if you strike something or go off the course, the checkpoints are there to assist you! To respawn from the last checkpoint, use the restart button. You may resume the race from the beginning if you push and hold it.


You may make new tracks using the in-game editor. Segments are used to construct tracks. Straight track pieces, curbs, climbs, loops, platforms, inclined platforms, bends, and so on are among the many segments. Boosters that improve the car's speed, ramps, pylons, and checkpoints are all included in some of the track parts. Various decorations, such as spectator booths and arrow displays, are also present. You may make your track public when you've finished creating it so that other players can race on it. But keep in mind that you must finish it before making it public. Make sure to study the in-game tutorials as well, since they will give you a better understanding of how to utilize the editor.


The driving mode is ideal if you want to learn and practice the controls. It has a big scenario with loops, ramps, and boosters, among other track portions. You can drive as much as you wish because there are no timers or objectives.


You may change your automobile utilized in the drive/race modes within the garage. Three distinct skins are included with each vehicle. All of the cars and skins are currently unlocked. You'll have to unlock them once a progress system is developed.

How to play

  • Accelerate by using W / up arrow key.
  • A / left arrow key = left arrow key
  • Move right with the D / right arrow key.
  • Brake = S / down arrow keys

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