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Cyber Cars Punk Racing


About Cyber Cars Punk Racing


Cyber Cars Punk Racing is a futuristic 3D car racing game with modern vehicles and stunning scenery. There are many beautiful cars for you to choose from

Prepare to drive the best futuristic automobiles in the neon metropolis in Cyber Cars Punk Racing! Here you will find 16 distinct supercars, 60 racetracks, 2 players, 1 free ride area, a hot chase area, and a battlefield! If you're up for it, let's get started! Have a blast!

Have you ever imagined yourself driving freely in a future racing arena? If you answered yes, my buddy, this game is for you! In this game, you may acquire and develop automobiles, as well as compete against artificial intelligence or drive at your leisure. There are a number of scenarios to put your professional talents to the test, including "Race," "Against Time," "Stunt," "CheckPoint," and "Fly Parkour." In each mode, you have distinct goals: you may either gather diamonds or be the first to cross the finish line. After the race, you will be given stars based on how successfully you completed it. You may earn up to 160 points in career mode. There are 12 racetracks to choose from in "Race" mode. You battle against seven AIs, and if you place in the top three at the conclusion of the race, you earn the privilege to go to the next racecourse. When the race is over, you will be rewarded according to how long it took you to accomplish it. You'll encounter new obstacles in each setting! Let's get started if you're ready to test them all out!

Features in Cyber Cars Punk Racing:

  • Two players
  • 3D graphics with vibrant colors
  • There are 60 racetracks.
  • There are 16 different vehicles to pick from.

How to play Cyber Cars Punk Racing:

  • Player 1 Controls Drive: "ARROW KEYS" or "WASD" Nitro: "N" Camera View :"C"
  • Player 2 Controls Move: "WASD" Nitro: "T"

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