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Burning Rubber Crash N Burn


About Burning Rubber Crash N Burn


Burning Rubber Crash N Burn is an adventurous driving game, trying to get to the top by leaving opponents behind using fire and other weapons to unlock vehicles.

Burnin Rubber Crash N Burn is a driving game where you can destroy the city. In this chaotic city you are on an amazing adventure. There are no consequences here, so attack everything and go as fast as you can! Are you ready for this wild adventure in the city where the sky is the limit?

In this beautiful 3D game you will have 25 objectives to complete. The best features, like flash capture and turbo boost, are in the cars you'll drive. You can complete these 25 missions in just a few minutes thanks to these really fun elements

Simply navigate the streets as fast as you can while looking for items or cars that you have to damage. It's natural to clash with everything around you when you're moving so fast. However, don't worry. You will be safe as long as you can prevent your car from exploding.

In fact, you will be compensated extra cents for any damage you cause to surrounding objects because this is how the rebels work. You can spend these coins to improve your technology and unlock exciting new vehicles.


You can use your computer's WASD or arrow keys to drive. Use the Z KEY to fire your vehicle's weapons and the X KEY to increase your speed.

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