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Racing Horizon


About Racing Horizon


Racing Horizon is a 3D racing video game in which players battle each other on an extremely fast and powerful vehicle.

Get ready to blow up the dust in Racing Horizon! Imagine a world where you can choose the exact path you take and the exact sights to see along the way. Now you can play this thrilling racing game.

There are different types of sports cars in the game, each with different upgradeability. You have the option of driving on unlimited maps or starting a long career in highway racing. You can also choose to participate in police chase missions. You have access to a wide variety of highway racing courses, vehicles and game types.

In this third person racing game that has realistic graphics and immerses you in a world with various features, you can choose the type of route you want to take and who you want to compete with. You have the option to start the game with the car of your choice or wait until you accumulate enough credits to unlock better cars. The next step is to choose your driving mode. Action, Endless, Timeout, and Exit are the four main factors. The only way to win in the game's mission mode is to complete some challenging missions.

You can relax and enjoy driving while in endless mode. To complete the game while using the stopwatch, you must move as fast as you can. In escape mode your goal is to evade capture while fooling the police. You will have the ability to choose the route, weather, time of day and type of traffic. Play this thrilling racing game and have fun while learning how to reach your full potential.

How to play

The controls for the game are quite simple. You have to use the 'W, A, S and D' keys to move, the 'F' key to switch the camera and the 'C' key to try to drive your car to the target, no accident, finish line.

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