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Dead Paradise 3


About Dead Paradise 3


Dead Paradise 3 is a game where you have to try to survive thousands of bombs and shells, your mission is to protect the survivors to safety.

In Dead Paradise 3, defend scientists and innocents with your massive and powerful tank! You'll need your keyboard to play this action-packed tank adventure. And now for the third installment of this crazy action game. There is a scary place around you right now, consisting of various enemies. It will be your job to protect the specified car and accompany it through this challenging location. Along the way, attempt to take advantage of several advantages that will undoubtedly assist you. Let's get started!

How to play Dead Paradise 3:

  • To move and balance, use the arrow keys. Use the Z and X keys to rotate your weapon.
  • Rockets are launched with the use of a space key. Keep in mind that you may make good use of your gasoline.
  • Use the C key to drop gasoline and set your adversaries on fire.
  • Remember to bring repair kits, gasoline tanks, cash, and ammo.
  • Destroy your foes and escape to safety!

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