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Tiny Fishing


About Tiny Fishing


Tiny Fishing is the ultimate relaxing fishing game here for you. Drop the rod to the bottom of the sea and fish the most precious fish of the deep.

Are you a fisherman or a fisherwoman? You may go fishing using just your smartphone or computer in this game. Drop and hold your fishing line, then click and swipe your mouse from left to right. Move your hook across the screen while reeling in your line to capture fish. You'll get paid for all the fish you catch when your line hits the surface! The deeper you go, the rarer the fish get, and the more money you may be able to earn.

You may use the money earned from the selling of fish to upgrade your fishing gear. Improve the length of your line to increase the number of fish your pole can handle as well as the distance your line can go. You'll gain a little amount of money for each catch, and you could even find some hidden treasure while fishing.

Here are some pointers to help you catch more fish.

Frequently upgrade

In Tiny Fishing, spending money is the best method to make money. You may improve your fishing rod with your hard-earned money. You'll be able to catch more and better fish if you enhance your pole. Be careful, however it's all too easy to overspend and run out of money. With your money, you can make it happen offline.

How to play Tiny Fishing:

  • To capture some fish, click and drag the hook left and right.

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