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Bike Racing 3


About Bike Racing 3


Bike Racing 3 is a game with thrilling and dangerous action. Arouse your ambition to conquer dangerous bends but many gold coins ahead.

You will no longer be racing against the clock in Bike Racing 3. Choose a bike, choose one of the challenging limitless routes, and try to travel as far as you can without falling over! Each two-wheeled vehicle has its own set of benefits in many areas. Choose a scooter to go over rolling hills, a cross-bike to leap over dunes, or a hefty classic cycle to ride in frigid conditions! There are an infinite amount of hills and obstacles on every course.

To gain additional coins, collect as many coins as possible, achieve checkpoints, and execute stunts! Spend the reward money on new motorcycles and courses, or on a bigger tank, a more powerful engine, or better tires to help you travel further and defeat the ghost that represents your top score!! Play Bike Racing 3 for free now and enjoy hours of thrilling racing!

How to play Bike Racing 3:

  • Control your car back and forth smoothly.
  • Don't brake hard, your car will roll over, and you will lose
  • Wish you have the most comfortable and wonderful entertainment moments. Be a happy player.

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