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Assault Bots


About Assault Bots


Assault Bots is the most online multiplayer game available today with the most advanced weapons already equipped. Fight hard to destroy all your enemies

Choose from a variety of weaponry, then go into combat and wipe off your foes. Bullet Force, Plated Glory, and more famous Blayze games are also available!

Battles of Bots

Assault Bots' vehicle combat is a lot of fun. The basic gameplay offers plenty of leeways for you to use your strategic and shooting abilities to blow up your foes, making for a very addicting and exciting experience.

Deathmatch between two teams

Team deathmatch is currently the game mode. Collaborate with your colleagues to remove as many opponents as possible in the allotted time!

The Flag is Captured (legacy mode)

You must collect as many flags as possible in addition to defeating the opponent, as this is the most important goal. Flags are captured by maintaining your vehicle within the flag's capture range while protecting your position from opponents. This is where you can put your personal and team plan into action to get a competitive advantage over your opponents!


The option to mix up your arsenal of weaponry is one of the characteristics of Assault Bots that keeps the action interesting. You'll have two slots available in every game to pick from a variety of weaponry, including a minigun, machine gun, RPG, grenade launcher, and more. Each weapon has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.
To make your preferred Assault Bots for Battle, you may add add-ons like health-regeneration and turbo, as well as customize the body and movement of your vehicle.

How to play Assault Bots:

  • Move using the WASD or arrow keys.
  • Aim and shoot with a left-click.
  • Zoom with a right-click
  • Switch weapons at 1 and 2.
  • Handbrake = space
  • Turbo = shift
  • E stands for "jump."
  • R stands for reloading.
  • T stands for "talk."
  • Tab to see the scoreboard
  • Pause (Esc)

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