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City Car Stunt 4


About City Car Stunt 4


City Car Stunt 4 is a game that gives you the feeling of dizzying acceleration with modern supercars in a brutal race. Let's speed up to lead the race

Prepare to dominate the highways in City Car Stunt 4. We tracked out the craziest racers from across the globe to put you to the test. Are you ready to grip the steering wheel with your white knuckles, slam the throttle pedal to the floor, and prove to the world that you're the genuine deal? So, let's get started! It's time for you to drive us around!

Give me some gasoline, and I'll give you some fire. Please give me what I want! Yes, play some upbeat music because we're ready to show the world who's the king of the roads! So get in your vehicle and let's get going! There are two game modes to choose from in this game. You may pick between free driving and putting your driving talents to the test, or racing and watching the other players eat your dust. It's all up to you! In any case, you must use extreme caution since the roads are hazardous and the bends are treacherous. You may also pick the two-player game option to play against your buddy. In racing mode, you may earn money by winning races and using it to purchase new vehicles. You may also improve your vehicle to give yourself a greater fighting chance against your opponents.

Features in City Car Stunt 4:

  • Fun gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • Many customization options
  • Upgrades to buy
  • Nice 3D graphics

Also you can relax and enjoy yourself without anyone interfering with drift hunters which is a great game if you want to explore different forms of entertainment.

How to play City Car Stunt 4:

  • Player 1 Move: "ARROW KEYS" Nitro: "N" Look Back:"B"
  • Player 2 Move: "W,A,S,D" Nitro: "T" Look Back: "C" Level Restart: "R"

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