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About Tankwar.IO


Tankwar.IO is the ultimate tank shooting game where a lot of online players want to take you down. It's time for you to show your talent to take down all to win

Thank you for visiting TankWars.IO. Take charge of your tank and destroy the enemies before they destroy you! Prepare to go to battle with gamers from all around the world. Make the most of your power-ups. Keep an eye out for aircraft! Some are friendly air strafes, while others are lethal air strafes. Tank Commander, welcome to the war!

How to play Tankwar.IO

  • Simple:
  • 1st mouse = Fire
  • 2nd Mouse = Fire
  • W stands for upward.
  • S stands for "down."
  • A stands for left.
  • D stands for "right."
  • Advanced:
  • 1st mouse = Fire
  • 2nd Mouse = Fire
  • W stands for forwarding.
  • S stands for Reverse.
  • A = Left turn
  • D = Right Turn
  • Strategy for

With the help of our website, you can relax and enjoy yourself without anyone interfering. drift hunters is a great game that you should play in addition to Tankwar.IO if you want to explore different forms of entertainment.

Team Conquest: Capture the zones alongside your teammates and be the first to reach 1000 points! In this game mode, tactics and teamwork are crucial. To keep the map, you'll need to play both defensively and offensively.
Everyone is an adversary, according to King DeathMatch! It's either kill or die! Each opponent kill awards you a portion of their points, and the top-scoring tank at any particular moment is crowned and crowned king. To win the game, you must score 5000 points.

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