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Monster Race 3D


About Monster Race 3D


Monster Race 3D is a game for you to experience the feeling of fighting cars against your opponents on a total of 10 different tracks and not miss the 1st place

As soon as you start playing Monster Race 3D, you'll notice that it's one of the best monster truck games online that we've added in a long time, made even better by the fact that it's also one of our newest 2 player racing games, as racing against real opponents has always been more fun than racing against the computer.

Both players select their monster trucks from a restricted selection, and they can compete against one another in a championship, in which the goal is to outrank the other, or in simple one-off races in the arcade mode. You may also race on the following tracks/maps:

Country of the Cactus

  • Rock Island is a small island off the coast of
  • Madness on the Bridges
  • Snake Hill is a place where snakes live.
  • A winding road
  • Bridge of the Monkeys
  • The Big Eight is a group of eight people.
  • The Weather Is Warm
  • Valley of the Desert

How to play Monster Race 3D:

  • The WASD keys are used by one player while the Arrow keys are used by the other, but each of you will have your own side of the screen to see where you're going.
  • To win the race, you must cross the finish line first, not only against the other actual players but also against the trucks driven by the CPU as NPCs.

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