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Vehicles Simulator


About Vehicles Simulator


Car Simulator is a driving simulator that replicates the handling of different types of vehicles on rough terrain. Focus on improving your driving.

The vehicle simulator gives you access to the city! You have the choice to board a variety of vehicles! If you love traveling on deserted highways, my friend, this game is ideal for you!

In this game, your wish comes true and every driver enjoys the freedom on the deserted road! Have you ever seen yourself driving a bus or a tank? In this game you have a chance to drive a variety of cars.

You can choose from three different locations. Urban, desert, and industrial environments are all legal places to drive. In this game, there is no goal to complete. You can choose what you want to drive. You can drive a truck, a city bus, a sports car, a sedan, a tank, an 8x8 military vehicle, and a monster truck, among 7 other vehicle types. With just one click on the letter V, get into the car. You alone are in complete control! The parameters for the car can also be changed! You have control over the steering wheel, axle and other components.

How to play

You can drive with WASD or arrow keys. The C key is used to change the camera. Using the V key, get in and out of the car. Using the spacebar, pull the handbrake.

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