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Race The Traffic


About Race The Traffic


Race The Traffic is a game that shows your speed ambitions. You can choose the cars that suit you best to conquer this exciting game

Do you enjoy racing games that are realistic? This time, in the new boys game Race The Traffic, you'll be racing in the most realistic way possible. The game is essentially a simulator in terms of vehicle racing and driving a sports car. To begin, you should be aware that the game Race The Traffic allows you to select the type of activity you want to undertake with your automobile, and in this chapter, you have the option of selecting from the following options:

  • One-Way: The traffic is one-way, therefore the automobiles are traveling in the same direction as you. This is the simplest model.
  • Two-Way Traffic: All traffic is two-way. The one way is in the direction you're going, but there are automobiles in traffic coming from the opposite direction, so you'll have to be extra cautious not to collide with another vehicle on the highway.
  • Time Attack: The races will be run only against the clock, you will be given a timer to adhere to.
  • Speed Bomb is an intriguing race in which you must drive a bus with a bomb. The device will detonate if you slow down or collide with other vehicles. On the left, you'll see an indicator that indicates how quickly the bomb will detonate. You must move rapidly and without injuring yourself in order to avoid exploding.

How to play Race The Traffic:

Use W A S D or arrow keys to play the game

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