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Helicopter Rescue Flying Simulator 3D


About Helicopter Rescue Flying Simulator 3D


Rescue Helicopter Flying Simulator 3D is an amazing game that is both entertaining and difficult. There are many people in danger and need your help

All people who enjoy difficulties and helicopters will enjoy the latest Helicopter Rescue Flying Simulator 3D. Complete missions and collect cash across the city to unlock new helicopters. Test your flying abilities. Prepare to explore a large map and fasten your seatbelt for a high-flying adventure.

Pilot the helicopter in the simulator to complete the missions.

As you can see, you are in a perfect simulator in which you will be unable to distinguish between reality and the game. Your job will be to fly this rescue helicopter as safely and accurately as possible at the locations provided in the game. To figure out where you need to go, look to the left of the game, where an arrow points you in the right direction. You must pick up the objects you need to transfer after reaching the tower that connects the earth and the sky, then proceed to the people waiting for you on the other side of the island. When traveling this path, exercise extreme caution.

Another factor to consider is the fuel level in the helicopter tank, you must be cautious here because if you run out of kerosene while in flight, the helicopter will crash and you will perish.

Features you need to know:

  • Feel the rush of high-flying across a crowded city.
  • Complete all of the objectives and travel to a lovely island.
  • Complete tasks and earn money to unlock more helicopters.
  • People who are drowning are rescued, and goods is transported to other locations.
  • Prepare to fly a helicopter by getting yourself fuelled up.

How to play Helicopter Flying Simulator 3D:

  • Move forward with W or Arrow up, and backward with S or Arrow down.
  • A or Left Arrow - Steer Left, D or Right Arrow - Steer Right.
  • E - Tilt Right, Q - Tilt Left. Land on the Ground or Move Down in Space Take Off
  • Move Up with the L-Shift.
  • Pause/Resume the game by pressing the Esc key.

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