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Parking Escape


About Parking Escape


Parking Escape is a simple game to get out of the parking lot, you just need to help the car to get to the right location by moving other vehicles out of the parking lot.

It's time to use all your knowledge of city life and spend time playing the best escape game. Are you prepared to remove those cars from their sleazy parking lot in the garage?

There is a substantial parking area for buses, vehicles and taxis on each floor. They need to get out of the parking lot now because, believe it or not, they're getting in each other's way. You'll be able to complete this challenging puzzle as you move cars and other vehicles one by one. Of course, you need to have a solid plan to get all those cars off the road

Without a doubt, it's hard for each car to leave on its own. Many mailboxes, trash cans, garage roofs, fire hydrants and other objects can be found in this busy and crowded metropolis. Just be cautious with these common things to prevent a collision that could harm your car. Just like colliding these cars with another car, you will definitely get some cash. So get ready and work carefully to break this deadlock so the truck can go free!

There are many levels to complete in this colorful 3D graphics game, use your thinking to move the car to the right position and unlock many vehicles.


To play this game, use your mouse to move, use your smart thinking to go the most accurate.

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