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Super Car Chase


About Super Car Chase


Super Car Chase is an adventurous racing game where you need to drive at maximum speed, racing against opponents on the street will give you a sense of excitement.

While you are quietly sitting in your car, someone decides to attack you. Therefore, you have no choice but to run away from the chasing cars. Can you defend yourself and leave these routes without getting hurt?

First you have to defend yourself in this game. Your enemies have the ability to approach you and attack you with quick moves and attacks. You naturally stray from your lane when all they do is try to attack you and block your way. Therefore, feel free to wander aimlessly and avoid other cars.

You can decide to run away for a very long time, but that won't be a reliable answer. You will need to make an inviolable plan when going as there will be a lot of cars around. For example, you might decide to turn around completely and attack your opponent from the front. Remember that you can defeat your enemies whether you attack them from the front or they attack you from behind. You must avoid all opponents other than them. There is also a clever trick you can use.

You can start a fire that will burn a car if you form complete circles in the same place for a long enough time. Prepare to open new worlds and vehicles while trying to keep yourself safe and away from others.

You can race against opposing cars in Super Car CHASE and have a blast. The game offers thrilling racing experience on snowy landscapes, verdant grasslands and inside arid regions. Earn coins to unlock cars Compete with AI Avoid getting caught by enemy cars.


You need to use AD key or Right and Left arrow keys to move player's car Mobile: Tap right and left side of screen to move player's car

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