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Car Parking City Duel


About Car Parking City Duel


Car Parking City Duel is intense racing game, compete against each other in hand to hand car races, engage in car adventures and complete objectives.

The upcoming game Autocar Parking City Duel will feature various game modes and driving elements. Car races, car blast challenges, parking challenges and overtaking challenge modes are many game modes available. In addition to the single player game mode, you and your friends can practically participate in all these game variations together in the two player game mode. Alternatively, you can choose to start the game over a large game area and engage in a free driving mode in which you can drive your vehicle any way you see fit. In each and every mode, you are required to complete the game within the allotted time. During this day long tour in car simulation, you'll be accompanied by a variety of high performance vehicles. You have a lot of missions, races, collisions and drifts ahead, as well as lots of surprises.

In this exciting journey in a racing simulator you will be accompanied by ten very fast cars. You will be able to unlock these cars if you have accumulated enough coins through different game types. In each game mode, you will have a certain amount of time to complete different objectives, such as parking in a designated area, destroying certain vehicles, or performing a variety of patterns. different drift, among other things. In addition to these game modes, you have the option to start your journey as a car racer on large open world terrain completely free of charge. On this map you'll get the chance to test your skills behind the wheel of a vehicle while navigating through Can perform some incredible tricks. It's time to start the journey!

How to play

In the single player version of the game, you must press one of the following keys to participate: Use W, A, S, D or arrow keys to move (Only in 1P mode). The cam switch is set to 'C.' NOS: 'L-SHIFT', Brake: 'SPACE', Restart: 'R', Looking Back: 'T'

To navigate in player 2 mode, use the arrow keys. Switch to cam 'K', Brake: 'P', Restart: 'U', Looking Back: 'L'

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