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Supra Drift 3D


About Supra Drift 3D


Supra Drift 3D is a ride game that gives you the smoothest feeling ever for you to experience. Nothing can stop you from enjoying this fun game

Supra Drift 3D puts you behind the wheel of the renowned Toyota Supra. The city is your playground, and the streets are vacant. So fasten your seatbelts, double-check your mirrors, and stomp on the brakes. With so many customization choices, are you ready to make your imprint on the roadways with your one-of-a-kind vehicle?

Speeding may provide an adrenaline rush, but it is also quite dangerous in real life. However, in this game, the city is desolate, with no other cars or people! This means you won't have to worry about being in danger while driving. The goal of this game is to do just that: drive around as much as you want. Choose a color and a body kit from the available possibilities when you first start the game. When you're ready, go into the city. Other aspects of your automobile, such as wheels, suspensions, and more, maybe customized here! To test your car, play around with different settings, and enjoy being the only one in town!

How to play Supra Drift 3D:

  • Arrow-Keys or WASD = Drive Spacebar = Handbrake G = Toggle Slow-motion L = Turn on /off Lights Q
  • E and Z = Turn on/off Indicators R = Record gameplay P = Play your Recorded gameplay

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