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How to change gears in Drift Hunters?


About How to change gears in Drift Hunters?


How to change gears in Drift Hunters ? Do you share this question with me? Let's explore these famous game play tips with me. So many interesting things

Drift Hunters is an exciting 3D freestyle driving game with a large number of courses and well-tuned vehicles. Choose the appropriate automobile for you, then navigate it around the turns in one of ten different places. Drift Hunters is a free online game that you can play on your browser.

What to do and how to play

You have complete control of the vehicle.
Sharp turns are a great way to test your skills. The score multiplier will grow the longer you control the sled. These points may be used to purchase rare vehicles such as the high-performance Porsche 911 GT. You may purchase 26 different unique automobile models in the game.


You may customize the model you purchase by changing the turbo, balancing brake, front deflection, and rear offset, among other things. You may also change these settings to make it easier to drive the automobile.

Premium components may also be used to increase the performance of the brakes, weight, gearbox, turbo, and engine. The last step is to choose the appropriate color and rim choices for your car.

Car model for Drift Hunters

  • BMW M3 is a sports car produced by BMW.
  • Supra is a sports car manufactured by Toyota.
  • Ford Fiesta ST Honda S2000
  • Models include the Nissan 370Z coupe, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, the Nissan GTR, and the Porsche 911 GT, among others...

Playing Drift Hunters: Tips and Tricks

  • When approaching curves, accelerate slowly to avoid causing the automobile to slide on the road.
  • To prevent the sled from going any farther, slide to either side of the straight course.
  • Optimize your vehicle for optimal speed.
  • To prevent interruptions, use a map with lengthy bends.
  • The finest Drift Hunters songs
  • Some music may help you control the automobile more enthusiastically. Emas and Forest are the greatest tracks in Drift Hunters 2, having lengthy and non-abrupt bends. The Forest track contains the longest turns, enabling you to sled for longer periods of time.

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