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What is the highest speed in Drift Hunters?


About What is the highest speed in Drift Hunters?


drift hunters is an amazing 3D car drifting game, racing on many challenging tracks and customizing your cars.

You can go at a maximum speed of 320 km/h. Ilya Kaminetsky created both Drift Hunters Classic and Drift Hunters Max. By downloading games on Android and iOS, you can reward creators for their great work. Additionally, the developer's website offers a free download of the classic PC game Drift Hunters.

In addition, you are allowed to race using the vehicles that you have created. You can choose the map, the vehicle, the engine and even the appearance of the vehicle at the start of the game. The turbocharger, brake balance, front camber, rear offset and other car attributes can all be changed.

You can find the best drift settings by tuning your vehicle. Additionally, you can purchase performance upgrades. It is possible to upgrade the engine, weight, turbocharger, transmission and brake. You can use any color to create a drift car. View your design by rotating it and scrolling through the spirals in different positions.

You have to control the car running on the track and avoid collisions

Join the races now after your car is ready!

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