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Two Lambo Rivals: Drift


About Two Lambo Rivals: Drift


Two Lambo Rivals: Drift is a racing game with extremely classic supercars. Collect and customize your favorite Lambo and create your legacy in this game.

We've just added Two Lambo Rivals: Drift to our online game library for the many dedicated fans of two-player racing games, where the two boys or girls who try out this new game will have the incredible opportunity to get behind the wheel of two Lamborghini cars, among the fastest and coolest sports cars on the market, and see who is better at drifting with them!

Which of the two Lamborghini rivals will be the superior drifter? Play and see what happens!

The 'Player Vs. Player's option is when two individuals race each other, and there are two types of races to choose from:

Classic Drift: your goal is to earn more points by drifting more, with the red zone diminishing all the while.
To win in drag racing, you must reach and cross the finish line before the other player.

The main feature in Two Lambo Rivals: Drift

  • Tokyo city,
  • Console-level graphics,
  • Amazing drift physics,
  • Local multiplayer,
  • Drifting,
  • Overcast weather,
  • Amazing music,
  • Incredible gameplay,
  • Friendly UI,
  • Level system,
  • Racing, Lambo, customization,
  • Garage system, soothing rain

How to play Two Lambo Rivals: Drift

  • Player 1 - (For Singleplayer - Two-Player)
  • Arrow Keys - Drive/Steer/Brake Player 2 - (For Two Player) W,A,S,D - Drive/Steer/Brake

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