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Tiny Cars


About Tiny Cars


Tiny Cars is a traffic management game to prevent accidents. Whenever a car passes safely, collect coins to unlock the next cars.

A city must function like the hands of a clock to be called a metropolis. Even simple things like intersections need to be kept consistent. And the only way to really understand what it takes is to experience it. Tiny Cars online simulation game allows users to explore various urban environments. To reduce the chance of a collision, maintain a good position above the road and pass some roads. You should give them a chance to move on when the potentially dangerous time has passed. By meeting the requirements, you can go to the next level, collect coins and unlock exciting new enhancements.

Make sure everyone is safe and keep a close eye on the roads approaching the intersection. Try to foresee possible accidents and make the necessary adjustments to prevent them. It's time to act if it's clear that the two dispersion bands are likely to be in conflict. You can instruct one of them to slow down by left clicking on the car. The government must provide money to anyone who crosses the junction. Accumulate enough money to buy more vehicles, such as cars, trucks and buses, to increase your income.

Tiny Cars is a free, no download game that can be played in your browser. However, compared to more expensive traditional options, it can still offer more entertainment value. Maintain law and order while maintaining the delicate balance that exists there. You can acquire the most complex road control skill set by successfully completing all the missions.

The game is very difficult while being quite easy. There are several levels, each with a different structure, obstacles, and difficulty. The addiction process creates a strong sense of motivation and conviction. In two way mode, the setting is beautiful and has a pleasing color palette.

How to play

To start the game, click the buttons on your smartphone or computer mouse.

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