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Tactics Core


About Tactics Core


Tactics Core is a multiplayer MOBA shooting io game based on Strike Tactics, a real-time strategy game. Your mission is to fight with your strength to win

Take to the battlefield with a diverse range of formidable units that level up and improve as you rack up kills. Hover tanks, bombers, and fighter planes from the future. Begin with a basic unit such as the Javelin (artillery) or the Manta (marines) (air fighter). To unlock more advanced units like the Harpy and Gladiator, increase your kill total. Get enough kills to unlock powerful units such as the massive flying battleship and the Ion Cannon!

Each squad begins with a limited stock of supplies. When you kill an enemy unit, a new enemy unit appears in its place, and the opponent team's supply ticker decreases.

When the supply runs out, all of the base's defenses go up in smoke, and the Command Center becomes exposed. Collaborate to destroy the opposing Command Center before it is destroyed!

  • Tactics Core was previously known as, which stands for "Strike Tactics Battle Arena" and is the official spin-off of Strike Tactics, a browser RTS.
  • Tactics Core is a multiplayer MOBA shooter io game based on Strike Tactics, a real-time strategy game.

How to play Tactics Core:

  • The majority of troops utilize the WASD keys to move around. The Peregrine and bomber, for example, do not hover and move where you direct the mouse.
  • Some units, such as the Gladiator, have alternative firearms that can be fired with a right-click, although the majority of units only have main weapons that can be fired with a left-click.
  • Almost every unit has at least one ability that can be activated by pressing the number keys. The mouse wheel may be used to zoom in and out.

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