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Super Star Car


About Super Star Car


Super Star Car is the best racing game in the same genre. Opponents are superstars who can leave you behind at any time, show your talent.

A Formula 1 team seeks a new racer who can help them win races and fulfill their goals. Are you willing to take on the challenge? Get the chance to drive on beautiful race tracks and feel the power of a Formula 1 car. You can also represent other crews and go their Formula 1 cars on your trip. Remember that the top three finishers receive a prize, but the honor belongs to the quickest racer of all!

How to play Super Star Car?

Super Star Car is a simulation of a Formula One racecar. With this game, you get to design your adventure. You begin with an incredible-looking Formula One car and a difficult race to win. If you win the first race, the second race is unlocked, and so on. When you win the race, you will receive awards and stuff. Along the way, you can switch crews and join other race crews. The CAREER MODE is the only game mode available in this game.


  • Accelerate by pressing W or the up arrow.
  • Left and right arrow keys or AD: Steer
  • C: adjust the camera's perspective
  • Respawn location is accessed by using the spacebar.

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