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Description is a physics-based cooperative game in which you and other players work together to free a ship encroached on the Suez Canal. The current body is only

The objective of the game is to liberate the boat that is now trapped as quickly as possible while competing against other players on the leaderboard. More maps are in the works and will be released in the first part of April 2021.


  • The avatar in the game tugs the ship using physics. You can move the avatar about by dragging and pulling him, but once you let go, he will always return to the ship. If no one is there or if they disconnect, you can utilize both avatars to go quicker, but be aware that the inertia will make the ship more difficult to steer.
  • Players are free to travel after the game finishes, and they can even return to their starting location. You may even accompany the ship on land, which is a great extra!
  • The game is also playable on mobile devices The controls are the same: drag your Avatar to maneuver the ship.

How to play

  • A solid approach is to talk with the other player and select which section of the canal you want to travel through, bottom, top, or center.
  • You'll be astonished to see how far a simple "Hey:)" may go.

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