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Rush Race


About Rush Race


Rush Race is a game where you need to show your driving ingenuity to avoid obstacles on the road to reach the finish line safely, will you soon master it?

Drive fast as you navigate a two-way lane of oncoming traffic to the finish line. While playing this game you will need to fully learn about the timing of the game. More than 5 animated cars can be unlocked in the game and drive quickly. You can upgrade your horse in the menu if you think riding is not suitable for your ability level. The image is simple but lovely and lovely. Are you ready to prove your timing? Let's prove using this game!

When you are about to drive, press the accelerator. Even if there may be traffic, nothing can stop you. All other cars are nothing but minor inconveniences to you as a speed junkie with a sense of excitement creeping through your veins. Are you prepared to navigate rush hour traffic?

You can use the mouse to control the vehicle. To move to the left lane, simply click and hold the left mouse button. Just be careful because there are some cars going on the left lane. Release the left mouse button when you spot a vehicle ahead of you, then return to your own lane. The game will end and you will have to restart if you collide with another vehicle. Get your rewards and buy new cars after you cross the finish line. These cars can also be upgraded to run even faster.


You can use mouse to play this game

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