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Pixel Crash 3D


About Pixel Crash 3D


Pixel Crash 3D is the most trending unique 3D game right now. A game that promises to bring excitement from start to finish. Let's discover it now

In Pixel Crash 3D a game that should get each and every one of you really excited to be having tons of fun from beginning to end, just like we have because racing games can only get better when they include pixelated cars for you to drive

How to play Pixel Crash 3D:

  • RACE: Of course, you must beat other vehicles in races by being faster than them.
  • DEMOLITION: This is a game mode in which you strive to smash into competitor automobiles in order to demolish and break them down before they can do the same to you.
  • CITY: For those explorers and drivers who wish to unwind and simply explore the city's streets, perhaps perform a stunt or drift here and there for fun.


  • To drive your automobiles, use the ARROW or WASD keys.
  • You start out with only one, but if you keep performing well, you'll be able to unlock and buy a variety of newer, better, faster, and cooler vehicles.

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