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Monster Wheels Apocalypse


About Monster Wheels Apocalypse


Monster Wheels Apocalypse is the highest quality online monster truck game where you have a unique experience with monster cars.

Your monster truck will automatically drive across the post-apocalyptic terrain, and you must tap or click on the screen to discharge its weaponry. Defeat the boss and proceed to the next level by surviving all of the waves of foes. Naturally, keep an eye on your health bar, as if it is fully depleted, you will lose.

You may pick up and use power-ups along the journey, such as:

  • Shields to keep you safe from your foes
  • To unleash a devastating attack on them, we'll use an airstrike.
  • To restore the damage you've sustained, use the Repair Balloon.

How to play Monster Wheels Apocalypse:

  • On mobile devices, use the mouse to control the car and point and fire.

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