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Mega City Missions


About Mega City Missions


Mega City Missions is a great racing game that you definitely cannot miss. The city is big and the roads are wide so you can freely speed up

Mega City Missions are ready for a skilled racer to finish! In free driving mode, you may test the driving area and explore the city in the newest stylish sports automobile. You may also compete against other drivers and outrun them with your superior racing abilities. If playing against the computer becomes too boring, bring a buddy and compete against them in this exhilarating section! Let the game begin right now if you're ready to win!

Welcome to one of the most difficult racetracks ever! Here you will find high ramps, skilled drivers, and large red circles. You may play this great game in two separate modes. The first is the free drive option, which allows you to put your driving talents to the test, learn the game, and explore the environment. You may enjoy the city scenery while passing through the high ramps! Remember to execute drifts to get a lot of points. In the racing mode, you may compete against other drivers. You will be routed to a particular arena if you are playing in two-player mode. There are five distinct regions to race against the CPU in. You may visit the garage with your profits to unlock new cars and skins for them. May the greatest racer emerge victoriously! Good luck and have a good time!

Features in Mega City Missions:

  • 2D vibrant graphics
  • Play free driving and racing games.
  • Choose between 1-player and 2-player modes.
  • The game is entertaining and addicting.

How to play Mega City Missions:

  • "W,A,S,D" is the first player's move. NOS: "F" Return your gaze: "T" "R" to restart automobile
  • Move: "ARROW KEYS" Player 2: NOS: "K" Return your gaze: "L" "O" to restart automobile

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