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Lethal Race


About Lethal Race


Lethal Race is a thrilling game with formidable opponents, show your opponent how to do a triple flip and be the fastest to cross the finish line

Gain points by improving your car, murdering your opponents, teaching them how to do a triple back flip, and crossing the finish line first in Lethal Race! Race against other powerhouse enemy automobiles through towns, tunnels, farms, and more! Have a blast!

Only the strongest will survive the Lethal Race, which is a life-or-death competition. Buckle your seatbelts, for this will be a rocky ride! Compete against other vehicles on a risky course, collect money, and flip for nitro. Avoid being damaged when destroying other cars. You may also unlock additional vehicles, improve them with your earnings, and compete on new circuits.

How to play Lethal Race:

  • Take advantage of every springboard during the race to do flips, this will increase your nitro gauge, giving you an advantage over your competitors.
  • A police car, a monster truck, and a Formula 1 automobile will be among the 12 vehicles offered.
  • To begin, choose and customise your car. Your objective is to race down a bumpy road while dodging your opponents and making some large jumps.
  • Backflips must be performed while collecting money and stars in order to improve your car during races and get nitro.
  • You must win at all costs, even if it means wrecking other racers' vehicles. Participate in this hazardous race and win money by completing tricks to increase your nitro charge


  • To operate your automobile, use the arrow keys.

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