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Description is the most multiplayer 3rd person shooter game available, New features have been updated very attractively waiting for you to discover.

The game is comparable to Counter-Strike, in which two teams, cops and terrorists, battle it out to take over a military installation. Depending on how much money you make in the Krunker game, you'll need to acquire weapons, grenades, firearms, machine guns, and bulletproof jackets. Because the game is played in dollars, you will need to do well at your work in order to earn more and more money to utilize in the game.

To begin, you can stay in the panda to avoid being thrown into the middle of the war and shoot the terrorists you see with your weapons. However, depending on your previous experience with shooter games, you will need to take your mission seriously and work with your teammates to complete the game mission.

What's particularly impressive is the game's high level of action, you never know when a shotgun will appear from behind you and shoot you, or when you'll step on a mine that will explode. However, once you've mastered the map, you'll know where you need to go to get to the base faster, or where you can find bonus points to help you progress through the level. What made this basic game so popular is that, like every IO game, you'll be playing with other people, so there won't be any robots shooting at you, just kids from all over the world with whom you can start conversing, talking, and building a larger community strategy with them.

How to play

  • Movement: W, A, S, D
  • R (reload)
  • Shoot with the left mouse.
  • Aim using the right mouse.
  • Space jump
  • Shift: Crouch
  • F sprayed

At the end of each round, the player with the most points wins.

Profile, Shop, Social, Maps, Mods, and Settings are the six buttons on the left side of the game where you may personalise your avatar, buy weapons and ammo, communicate with other online players, modify the map you play on, and change how the game is constructed.

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