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iPhone X Makeover


About iPhone X Makeover


The playing rules of iPhone X Makeover

Play iPhone X Makeover to learn how to repair a phone. Replace the parts inside the phone and the screen of the phone and customize the phone.

You work at a phone repair store. One day, a girl comes and asks you to repair her phone. After taking a glance, you can see that the screen of her phone is broken. Therefore, your mission in this game is to replace a new screen for the phone. Then, you must check the parts inside the phone. Some components inside the phone are destroyed. Therefore, you must replace new components. After replacing the new components, you will use glue to stick the two parts of the phone. Finally, use a face cloth to clean the phone.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to repair the phone.

Customize the phone in iPhone X Makeover

After repairing the phone, you should customize it to make it more impressive. You can stick cute stickers on the phone. Moreover, you can wear a beautiful phone case on your phone and tie an eye-catching keychain to your phone. It is time to show off your aesthetic.

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