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Hugie Wugie Runner


About Hugie Wugie Runner


Hugie Wugie Runner is a funniest game today for you to relax. Your task is to ride well through the slopes to eat the energy to go the farthest to win this game

This is the game for you if you appreciate sports games. This game's intended audience is you. Hugie Wugie runs away from humans, yet he needs the batteries to restore his power. The mountain's top is always the difficulty, and he needs the best player for the task.

How to play Hugie Wugie Runner:

  • Use the arrow keys to accelerate and balance the bicycle, seeing how far you can go. Your game performance is measured in distance, thus the more the distance you cover, the better.
  • You lose if you fall because of the uneven road, and you also lose if you run out of energy, so make sure to collect the batteries when you find them to recharge yourself and keep moving forward.

We wish you all the best of success, and we welcome you to stick around for more to come, you won't want to miss out on anything!

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