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Hill Climber


About Hill Climber


Hill Climber is a popular driving game, trending today, simple gameplay combining diverse movements and novel elements.

Only talented riders can win in Hill Climber! We'll be carpooling, so if you think you qualify, fasten your seat belt and get in the car! Several journeys! Are the hills over there visible? We will travel there! If you're ready, come join us!

While the environment may be peaceful and the weather may be beautiful, the roads may not be. Do you believe you can drive on a rocky road without an accident? There is only one way to determine this! Now let's start driving! Your goal is to drive as far as possible to earn a high score in this game!

You should be cautious and try to avoid collisions with cars because the road is very dangerous. You will need to start over if not. Air is another factor to think about. The game will continue even if your car runs out of fuel. Don't claim that we didn't warn you. At the bottom of the screen, there is a fuel gauge that you can use. However, there is also some positive news. To continue your journey, you can assemble fuel tanks that you discover along the way. Don't forget to save the money needed to get a new car.


  • Beautiful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Various vehicles to buy


Use the A key to slow down and the D key to increase the speed

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