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Garbage Rampage


About Garbage Rampage


Garbage Rampage is a unique game where you will be driving to clean the streets. This mission is extremely important for you to fulfill your driving responsibility

Come on a trash truck rampage with one of the greatest new driving/racing games online in 3D on our website, as well as a mobile game with arcade and clicker features, and undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind experience to be had here, where we always strive to provide you with the best!

How to play Garbage Rampage:

The garbage truck will race forward on the street roads on its own, with you directing it by tapping left and right. The goal is to avoid the obstacles on the road because if you hit them too many times, your truck will be too damaged, the health bar will be completely depleted, and you will lose and have to start over.

The waste bags, of course, should not be avoided because you must collect them as part of your duty in the city, and the more you grab on the run, the higher your score rises. We wish you luck and all the best, and we encourage you to stay tuned for more, which is undoubtedly on the way!

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