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Death Driver


About Death Driver


Death Driver is a game that helps you become a fighting hero, perform your mission and drive fast to avoid the coming apocalypse.

With Death Driver, are you ready for a wild ride?
To dominate the roads, you have a giant vehicle. The floor has a musty smell. Maybe you're making progress toward your goals. However, protect your bravery and take responsibility for your surroundings! Zombies will be waiting for you along the route. Drive on each one and leave no trace. Now that the game has started, if you are ready for this zombie adventure, go ahead!

You are being chased by a helicopter, it is dropping a bomb on you. Stop the overturned car by dodging those bombs. The game is over if a bomb explodes nearby or if the vehicle overturns. By collecting stars on the track, you can unlock new and better cars.

Drive your deadly car around this post-apocalyptic environment, shooting and killing any zombies you come across. Avoid obstacles, bounce around and collect stars to unlock new vehicles and weapons. To drive faster and earn more points, complete objectives and upgrade your car. In this post-apocalyptic game you have to live in the desert, at night and in the rain.

After playing this intense game, you must keep driving and never look back! You are being chased and shot by a helicopter. You are about to cross the path of the undead. The journey will take time. Your goal in this thrilling adventure is to drive your car for as long as possible while getting a high score. When your opponent tries to destroy you, the challenge begins.


Use the mouse to play

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