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Conduct This


About Conduct This


Conduct This is a game that is appreciated for its interesting gameplay. Before the time runs out, you must avoid the train collision and carry the passengers to their destination safely.

You are about to drive a train and go on a trip. Are you eager to learn more about this new world and test your abilities in your new location? Before the timer expires, you must move a specific number of passengers through each level. Later stages need you to swap tracks to control several vehicles simultaneously and modify the train's course.

The world is ahead and the house is behind. There are also many routes to take. Discover where the roads lead you by entering this vibrant world. In this game, you will play the role of a train driver and direct the passengers to the stop of the appropriate color. Let's leave because we shouldn't keep them waiting! Trains can move independently and come to a complete stop when they arrive at the station.

To make sure that the train stops when there is a bus, train or other vehicle nearby, all you have to do is click on the train. Make sure it stops because the alternatives are too hard to consider! You can click the first level by starting with an area. The upper right corner of the screen shows the number of individuals you need to transport to the stations as well as the deadline. You have to pay attention to the color of the train and set the appropriate stop.

You can pass the first planet to a strange and new area after you have completed all the levels in a world and accumulated enough cash.


Use the mouse to play

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