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City Ambulance Car Driving


About City Ambulance Car Driving


City Ambulance Car Driving is an ambulance simulation game, drive to the location and transport the patient to the emergency hospital in time.

You can drive your own ambulance around the city in City Ambulance Car Driving game! Your duty is to respond to any incident you encounter on the road as you travel around the city by ambulance and assist the ambulance patient to reach the hospital as soon as possible. while also taking care to prevent any harm to them. Because there are cars in the city, you can turn on the ambulance sirens and move through the traffic without hitting anyone.

You are allowed to operate the hospital ambulance in the city, turn on the emergency lights and sirens, and search for potential patients. You can visit the garage and look through the various modification options there before starting the quest. With the right amount at the start of the game, you can unlock a color in each sub and start the game with your dream ambulance. Start looking for anyone who might be injured in the vicinity as soon as you get into the back of your vehicle. You should take care to avoid excessive shaking of the ambulance while the patient is in the vehicle and try to drive safely. The patient's condition has a direct effect on your ability to drive.

Avoid crowds on roadside sidewalks. You can also see blue markers representing tasks. Drive to the designated areas where you will pick up the patient and then follow the instructions to return to the hospital. When you complete the work, you will be paid and you can use that money to make more changes.

How to play

To control your car, use your mouse and arrow keys or WASD.

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