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Car Eats Car 2


About Car Eats Car 2


Car Eats Car 2 is a one-of-a-kind game. Don't forget to equip your car with a variety of weapons and strange abilities that will help you to excel

It is stated that the events of our lives have an impact on our dreams. Toy cars seem to be no exception in Car Eats Car 2. Because his owner's bullies made fun of him earlier, our little red automobile is having nightmares. Their toy vehicles had more functions, which made the small red car feel threatened. Assist him in getting away from the evil autos in his nightmare. Drive through the numerous stages while attempting to avoid various monsters. To get away from them, use power-ups. Can you make it through the night, even if it's only a nightmare?

It doesn't mean it won't hurt just because it's a dream! You need to maintain your eyes on the road to avoid being brought to a stop by the various obstacles dispersed across the level, especially with the enemy automobiles tailing you with their terrifying gaping jaws. Your goal is to accomplish each level by driving along the road while avoiding the nightmare counterparts of these evil vehicles. At first, you may have trouble keeping putting distance between your car and your pursuers. After all, you begin with extremely basic equipment. The red gems will enable you to boost your stats by purchasing upgrades from the in-game store. Aside from these improvements, you may also gather other power-ups that can help you defeat your opponents. You'll also come across some devastating special strikes that may halt or even kill your opponents. You may also utilize your explosives to detonate them!

How to play Car Eats Car 2:

  • Use the arrow keys to steer and drive, use Z to boost and X to use bombs.

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