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Car Driving Stunt Game


About Car Driving Stunt Game


Car Driving Stunt Game is addictive game, get in the car and you will get into the big city, drive and perform amazing stunts

It's time to show off your incredible driving talent in Car Driving Stunt game! You will be driving around the city at high speed, so leave your worries at home! Don't let anything stop you from performing amazing stunts when you have so many abilities!

Prepare yourself for a great driving experience without worrying about crashing with other vehicles or going over the speed limit. There will be no police or traffic trying to slow you down. This city is yours to drive to.

The goal of this game is to perform as many stunts as possible. Visit the garage from the main menu and choose a car before hitting the road. Although you have four choices, you can only choose one at the start of the game. Gems will unlock remaining content.

Find out how many gems it takes for each car by testing them. Your gas gauge will be on the left side of the screen while you're playing. Over time, it will deplete, but you can refill it. Drive around to find ramps and other objects that will allow you to perform acrobatic stunts. To prove your mettle, try to accumulate as many gems as you can and unlock every vehicle in the garage!


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Use 4 different cars
  • Entertaining and addictive game
  • Intuitive controls


  • Use arrow keys
  • WASD key to control your car
  • Press SPACEBAR to brake

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